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Visit dream places

Relais Palazzo di Luglio dominates impressively the Renaissance city of Sansepolcro, that many people know for being the birthplace of Piero Della Francesca, genius of the Tuscan Renaissance, whose works as “The Resurrection” can be admired in the civic museum.


The Relais is located in the green heart of central Italy and the tourists can consider it as a starting point for visiting most of the major Tuscan and Umbrian towns, suggestive and timeless places, which make you relax and breathe the history of our villages: Anghiari, Città di Castello, Monterchi, Citerna, Caprese Michelangelo, Montone, Gubbio, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina.

In half an hour you can reach the heart of the Valdichiana, discover Arezzo, Castiglion Fiorentino and Cortona, down to/up to Trasimeno Lake.

The cities of Perugia and Assisi are easily accessible by highway in forty minutes.


Olive harvest

Large stairs leaning on olive trees, large nets spread on the ground, some buckets, rakes and arms outstretched toward the olives hidden among the leaves. It is the collection of olives, symbol of the green Tuscan lands. The vast expanse of olive groves surrounding the property take back to one of the oldest arts of the place, the source of a genuine cuisine, rich of exclusive flavours.


Cooking with Giuliano


The traditional cuisine is excellent with Giuliano! The cuisine of Relais Palazzo di Luglio embraces guests in a riot of flavours with tables covered of conviviality and naturalness; rich in typical dishes, it invites guests to taste delicious food decorated with high-quality oil, yellow nectar of Tuscany lands.


The oil benefits


Obtained from the heart of the plant, the yellow olive juice is unparalleled in taste, health and beauty elixir gives benefit to the body and mind. Rich in phenols and antioxidants, it protects against inflammation and cell aging. Vitamin E in it contained helps to preserve bone health, protecting them from osteoporosis and decalcification.